My plan for the coming months

2016-08-09 22:50:20 by InOtherNews

Hello! Why are you reading this? I guess if you're reading this, one of my drawings actually made someone think, "Wow" so that's cool.

But right now, I'm going to be talking about what I'm going to work on for the next few months. A few years ago, I had an idea for a story, but ultimately gave up at it because I'm garbage at writing. I had characters for it, all visualized in my head, but I wasn't able to get it on paper because of how badly I write. But my friend introduced me to drawing tablets, and she loved to draw. She was great at it, and I wanted to become as good as her. And now, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I've gotten to that level. I'm not nearly as good as the majority of people in the Art Portal at Newgrounds, but I can reasonably say that I'm better than most of the unscouted artists.

So now that I'm here, I wanted to get those characters down onto something visual, and after a few months of being on Newgrounds, I am proud to say I can finally start to work on my story again! The multitude of things I've already done is scratching the surface of what I plan on doing. So, my plan is to get something about the story done every two weeks, while filling in the gaps with other random pictures. The few things on my llist for the story right now is to get the next three characters down onto a "model sheet", much like I did with the Corey picture I put up last Friday. This means my actual story won't come around for another 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully by then I get scouted and more people can see my work.

Until any of that happens, though, I'll see you around and I hope you like what I do!


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2016-08-10 03:17:13

Hello. I'm reading this because when someone write a new post, it appears in the Featured Content. It's very nice read that someone is interested in drawing and very motivated for it. But an advice, becareful with the "artist's ego", I mean... "I'm not nearly as good as the majority of people in the Art Portal at Newgrounds, but I can reasonably say that I'm better than most of the unscouted artists" that sounds like something that I could say too. Also, the legend says that if you want enter in the Art Portal you must not talk about it.

For me, in personal, the experience with the Art Portal has been very hard. In abstract: very hard enter, very easy exit. I suggest, for any person interested in drawing (not only you), keep drawing and improving, be self-critical with your work. Study 3 things: the basis (structures, proportions, anatomy), the reality (drawing from life) and the artists that you love (if they made tutorials, watch them).

The visits for unscouted artist are very low, and it's easy find haters too. Therefore, the best is show your work in other ways: for example share it in twitter with the hashtag #Newgrounds and share it in the Art Forum; Make other things like movies or games. But, eye, there are not magical formulas: for example, I was scouted after do my game and share the art that I did for it in the Art Forum; Some week later I was unscouted, and after that, I did 2 speedpaintings and I'm still unscouted. If you don't have friends, or a fan base, or you are not super super talented, then there are not magical formulas and you have nothing guaranteed. For that, the best advice is trust in yourself (but becareful with the ego), trust in your work and keep drawing.

Keep Drawing! Good Luck!

InOtherNews responds:

Wow, people actually read that stuff I spout off? Thank you for responding to me!

I'm not expecting Newgrounds to do anything for me, I just find it as one of the best ways for people to put their work up for the public. I want to show my progress over the months to be able to say "I've gotten a lot better."

I really appreciate all the feedback you gave me, I'm going to keep it in mind while I keep working forward. Thank you so much, and keep drawing! :D