One thing about the plan

2016-08-12 23:30:18 by InOtherNews

So, I've been trying to make a drawing every week to keep myself from forgetting and losing some techniques (using a lot of layers for colors and using the stabilizer for outlines, just to name a couple) but it's hard trying to keep up with that routine. I don't think I can keep the same routine as the past couple months because it's really hard to get something I consider good out with only a few extra hours in each day, and that problem is just going to get worse with school starting next week. So, I'm not going to keep up a schedule, but I hope that will allow me to try new things and hopefully get better. I will be trying to draw at least half an hour every day, and I'll also try to put those daily sketches and work-in-progress pictures on my Twitter, @IONDraws. I hope to see a few people on Twitter and I hope you like the drawings that will come from me. Thanks for reading this! 5807047_147105899091_WoohooEmote..png


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