I noticed something about drawing

2016-08-14 23:30:25 by InOtherNews

While I was on a schedule for speedpaints and releasing my art to NG, I didn't really think my art was going uphill. I really only thought the drawings with my characters felt better than usual, but lately I felt like I plateaued with my drawing skill. I thought it was going to take longer to better pictures, but two days after I dropped my schedule, I made the art I called Magic Space, which came out of a doodle that I didn't think would turn into anything.

This brought a question to me that I didn't really notice before, but the weekly schedule felt like it was limiting me even though I made Magic Space within two days, totalling a work time of about two and a half hours. To put that in perspective, the CGP Bot and Haran picture (the one right before Magic Space) took upwards of five hours. It was a bigger project, but it really should've taken 3 hours, four at the most.

So now that I've dropped my schedule, I'm going to be trying new things like actually painting and making things look better than before instead of just a cartoonish style. Sure, my cartoon style is fun, but it's pretty bland. It's like I pulled a frame of an animated show. So, I'm going to draw with more realism, worry about color palletes and backgrounds more, and I hope that my art really improves before the new year. Thanks for reading this huge wall of text, and I hope to see you around!

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2016-08-22 14:42:01

Hey man! At least you have now 2 Fans! So i guess i'm gonna give you a Heads up for that thingy