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Finally Free!

2016-06-11 11:42:41 by InOtherNews

I am done with school, and I'm planning on doing something other than video games. Of course, DRAWING! And I've always loved speedpainting videos, so I now have a YouTube channel! I already made three of them, because I wanted to test it out first. They're very fun to make, but it takes a few hours to finish one drawing, so I'm not gonna have a whole bunch of drawings up there really fast, but I'm planning on doing a whole lot more. I also have a bunch of ideas, but it would help to be getting ideas other than from my head.

My YouTube channel:

Up too late.

2016-04-03 03:40:07 by InOtherNews

It is 2:30 in the morning and I just finished another picture because I can't fall asleeeeeep.

A Few Notes

2016-04-03 03:33:54 by InOtherNews

I had a few "suggestive" drawings that i decided to take down. I don't really like drawing that kinda stuff, and it's pretty much half the art portal already, so I decided not to have anything bad up on this account. I did get three stars for it though, I guess it was alright. Progress!


2016-03-31 18:29:16 by InOtherNews

Well, I've been around newgrounds for about three or four days and I'm thinking it's pretty cool. I've been pretty bored with nothing to do, so I've been drawing and such things. Hope whoever is reading this likes it! :D

Not Much

2016-03-29 21:59:41 by InOtherNews

Well, first post. I don't really know.