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I've been resurrected!

2017-05-07 00:41:34 by InOtherNews

Well, not really.

I've been dead on here for quite a long time now, I've mainly been on Twitter. (go follow me @IONDraws) I feel like it's time I come back to where it all started, here on Newgrounds!

Looking back at my old drawings, I think I can say I've gotten much better, I haven't been here since... August?! Jesus Christ, that's 8 months!

I just thought since it's been so long it would be a nice return to Newgrounds. To whoever reads these things, I hope you like all of the art that's to come!


Another month...

2016-10-30 23:51:04 by InOtherNews

I cannot believe I've been gone for another month. I've gotta get back to drawing, or I'm gonna lose my mind. I'm going to get something out before November 14th, I swear on it!

Back after a month!

2016-09-25 22:58:12 by InOtherNews

So I've been gone for a month now (probably over that) because of school, friends, and other stuff. I haven't been able to draw much at all, but I'm finally back! I hope to put out more stuff now, maybe something by the end of this week. That would be nice. Well, I've been working out proportions and perspective, lighting, and a little bit of background art stuff. Hopefully I can make something better now that I've done this. Anyway, I'm going to start posting once a day on my Twitter again and making a full picture every two weeks. I hope to see some improvement of my stuff over the next month or two, and I hope you'll like my art! ;)


2016-08-29 08:31:34 by InOtherNews

I deleted my most recent work because I want to make it look better. It's really just as simple as that. 

One week later

2016-08-28 19:14:29 by InOtherNews

Last week, I was talking about practicing certain things (mainly proportions) and getting better. I think I succeeded so far in that idea. I made a picture using one of the models I put up on Twitter, and I think it came out pretty dang well compared to my older art. So now, after getting back on my feet (even though I wasn't actually on them to begin with) I'm going to start work on an old story of mine. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I did happen to make a picture that was in the theme of that story, which is here: So be on the look out for that. I'm going to keep practicing my art and drawing skills, I hope you like my art! :D

Practice makes you so much better.

2016-08-23 22:42:35 by InOtherNews

That's the saying, right?

Well, since the last time I put anything on Newgrounds, I've been looking at tutorials from some great artists and cartoonists that I really like, and I've been working on proportions. I think I've gotten better in that aspect: Not too sure how good it actually is, but it's better than before.

I actually really enjoy doing the base underneath now because it gives me something to work off of instead of just drawing one little thing like an eye and going out from there. It gives me a framework to use as the basis of my pictures. I think I'm going to try and use the girl pose to actually make a picture of my favorite personal character, Ivory! I wonder how it's going to turn out.

Tomorrow I get home from school earlier than usual, so I'm hoping to get a lot of it done tomorrow. I'm going to put those work-in-progress pictures on my Twitter. (@IONDraws) I'm also planning on taking a long time with this picture to really touch it up and make it look good, so it's going to take a very long time, but I hope my practice really helps with it. I hope you like my art! :D

I noticed something about drawing

2016-08-14 23:30:25 by InOtherNews

While I was on a schedule for speedpaints and releasing my art to NG, I didn't really think my art was going uphill. I really only thought the drawings with my characters felt better than usual, but lately I felt like I plateaued with my drawing skill. I thought it was going to take longer to better pictures, but two days after I dropped my schedule, I made the art I called Magic Space, which came out of a doodle that I didn't think would turn into anything.

This brought a question to me that I didn't really notice before, but the weekly schedule felt like it was limiting me even though I made Magic Space within two days, totalling a work time of about two and a half hours. To put that in perspective, the CGP Bot and Haran picture (the one right before Magic Space) took upwards of five hours. It was a bigger project, but it really should've taken 3 hours, four at the most.

So now that I've dropped my schedule, I'm going to be trying new things like actually painting and making things look better than before instead of just a cartoonish style. Sure, my cartoon style is fun, but it's pretty bland. It's like I pulled a frame of an animated show. So, I'm going to draw with more realism, worry about color palletes and backgrounds more, and I hope that my art really improves before the new year. Thanks for reading this huge wall of text, and I hope to see you around!

Twitter: @IONDraws

One thing about the plan

2016-08-12 23:30:18 by InOtherNews

So, I've been trying to make a drawing every week to keep myself from forgetting and losing some techniques (using a lot of layers for colors and using the stabilizer for outlines, just to name a couple) but it's hard trying to keep up with that routine. I don't think I can keep the same routine as the past couple months because it's really hard to get something I consider good out with only a few extra hours in each day, and that problem is just going to get worse with school starting next week. So, I'm not going to keep up a schedule, but I hope that will allow me to try new things and hopefully get better. I will be trying to draw at least half an hour every day, and I'll also try to put those daily sketches and work-in-progress pictures on my Twitter, @IONDraws. I hope to see a few people on Twitter and I hope you like the drawings that will come from me. Thanks for reading this! 5807047_147105899091_WoohooEmote..png

Hello! Why are you reading this? I guess if you're reading this, one of my drawings actually made someone think, "Wow" so that's cool.

But right now, I'm going to be talking about what I'm going to work on for the next few months. A few years ago, I had an idea for a story, but ultimately gave up at it because I'm garbage at writing. I had characters for it, all visualized in my head, but I wasn't able to get it on paper because of how badly I write. But my friend introduced me to drawing tablets, and she loved to draw. She was great at it, and I wanted to become as good as her. And now, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I've gotten to that level. I'm not nearly as good as the majority of people in the Art Portal at Newgrounds, but I can reasonably say that I'm better than most of the unscouted artists.

So now that I'm here, I wanted to get those characters down onto something visual, and after a few months of being on Newgrounds, I am proud to say I can finally start to work on my story again! The multitude of things I've already done is scratching the surface of what I plan on doing. So, my plan is to get something about the story done every two weeks, while filling in the gaps with other random pictures. The few things on my llist for the story right now is to get the next three characters down onto a "model sheet", much like I did with the Corey picture I put up last Friday. This means my actual story won't come around for another 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully by then I get scouted and more people can see my work.

Until any of that happens, though, I'll see you around and I hope you like what I do!

My Schedule

2016-07-09 04:52:42 by InOtherNews

I went on a bit of a vacation where I had a lot of downtime and not many options to fill it, so I did make a bunch of drawings. Problem is, I don't want to release them all at once so I will be making a bit of a schedule. I'm planning to release a drawing once every seven or ten days. I don't know which one I'll like better, because seven days is going to pressure me because I don't make a great drawing once a week, but I think it would be good to challenge myself. Well, I just answered my own question, so once a week it is! I'll be putting out more out soon, and I hope you like it!